Robb Harrell

Robb Harrell, a renowned photographer, has captured notable images from around the world which have graced the pages of publications such as, Smithsonian Magazine, National Geographic, Asiatica, New York Times, Washington Post, and Time Life Magazine.

As a teen, Robb Harrell discovered his hobby for photography shortly after receiving his first camera, a Yashicamat twin lens, from his sister. But his love for photography eventually evolved into his greatest passion and profession.

Robb Harrell, a twenty-year veteran of photography and digital design, employs both film and digital technologies into his work. Harrell’s more recent experience is his eighteen years staff position at the Smithsonian Freer/Sackler Galleries in Washington, DC. He collaborates with art directors on the design layouts and photos for publications. The subjects range from curator and artist portraits, to the large variety of valuable collectibles, such as jades, metal works, tapestries, potteries and manuscripts. Harrell travels domestically and internationally for various publications and assignments, and assists renowned studios and photographers all over the country as staff and freelancer. During the late eighties, Harrell consulted with top studios in the New York and New Jersey areas, serving retails giants such as JC Penney, Macy’s, Federated Stores, Segrams, and more.

Robb Harrell also freelances as a wedding photographer, specializing in photo journalism and traditional photography, photographing as many as thirty weddings a year. Harrell’s extensive photography collection embodies black & white, portraiture, landscape, wildlife, wedding, and thematic photography.

In addition to photography, Harrell enjoys golf, design, and gardening in Annapolis, Maryland where he resides with his wife, daughter, and family dog. For more information, and his services, visit